Visit businesses

In your sector in Italy and abroad

Are you a student or enrolled in a training course?
An employee or an entrepreneur?
A resident of Friuli Venezia Giulia?
Interested in visiting leading businesses in Italy and abroad?

GO+LEARN FVG offers you the chance to participate in study visits to businesses in Italy and abroad, expanding your knowledge of your chosen sector.

These visits are offered to organisations and institutes wishing to integrate their training or career/educational guidance with these businesses, and not to individuals. Check whether your school, university or other educational establishment, or any trade organisation or Chamber of Commerce to which you are registered offers these opportunities in their educational program.

GO+LEARN FVG offers a wide range of different proposals within the GO+LEARN EUROPE project: check whether your sector is included!

> To find out more, go to this page.

You’ll find descriptions of all the available study visits in the FVG regional catalogue as well as those elsewhere in Italy and Europe which belong to the network.

The Go+LearnFVG project ended in May 2021.